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Basic Documentation for the TbC Soundboard


At this Time we were not bored enough to create an Installer. But the Install should be easy for all who know their File-System... ;-)

  1. Download the latest copy of the Application to your Computer
  2. Open the File using the Windows-Explorer, WinZip, 7zip or any other Unzip-Tool that you already have - if you do not have one, we recommend 7zip (download here)...
  3. Copy the Files in the zip-Archive to a location you want. If you choose a (new) Directory in Program Files be aware that the UAC of Windows Vista / 7 might annoy you every Time you add / edit a Sample in the Sounds-Directory.
  4. Create a shortcut to the TbC-SoundBoard.exe on your Desktop / in your Startmenu
  5. (optional) add more Samples by adding them to the Sounds-Directory
  6. start and enjoy... ;-)


After you have started the Application you should see at least one Tab-Page with Buttons. Every .WAV-File in the Sounds-Directory generates one Sample-Button. Just press one of the Buttons to play the Sample.

At this time there is no way to Stop the Samples - you have to start another Sample or close the Application to stop it.

To add a Button-Image to the UI just save it as a .PNG-File with the same name like .WAV-File. If the Sample is named "sound.wav" all you need an image named "sound.png".

The same way works for additional Infos. Based on the Button-Image example the required file would be "sound.txt". The first line will be used as Tool-Tip for the Button; the complete content will be displayed if the User right-clicks the Sample-Button.
Important: If you use non-ASCII Chars in your Text-File encode it as UTF-8 to avoid problems...

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